Human Emotion is something no man, woman or child has understood or will ever understand. There is nothing constant about it and there never will be. The only thing constant is uncertainty. Nothing can be predicted and yet, society thinks it already knows what’s going to happen. What people forget is everyone has a certain goal, a dream in life that they wish to accomplish or at least peruse, yet they don’t just because it’s not what will be appreciated in their surroundings.

It is said that Love and Fear drive every other emotion. Will Smith once said, “God placed the greatest experiences in life on the other side of fear”. But I think there is one more emotion that is the most dangerous of them all: Anger. The most easily misled emotion and the most destructive. Often described by me as the one source of unhappiness, anger seems to be an emotion that no human being lacks. You can lack gratitude, kindness, respect, but not anger. Not only does it usually end in a disastrous way, it also crumbles you up inside. And society is the prime reason for the evolution of anger. No two beings can ever be same, yet society has set some rules for everyone must be different, yet no one must be different. No man ever climbed the ladder of success without disobeying the rules of society. Yet, everyone acts as sheep in a herd. Just another pawn on the chess board. What people don’t realize is that all they have to do is penetrate into the forbidden region and that pawn can turn into a queen.

Emotion is a deadly affair and as destructive as it is, it is what makes us human. Nothing can ever be right or wrong. The concept of right or wrong is flawed. It’s not absolute, it’s relative. What you may think is right, others may thing it’s wrong. For a child who is taught how to steal all his life, stealing is right, but for you, it is wrong. The entire judgement system which says that any act done is absolute and does not take into consideration the moral mentality of the person in question, is flawed.

There has never been and there never will be a rational way of implementing law because you can never truly know a person and their mentality. Who are you to judge the actions of someone else. Just because you decided graffiti is bad, that doesn’t make it an absolute statement. For the person in question, it could be a way of expressing something and he has the inalienable right to do so. What we call Fundamental rights of human beings. The rights which are not written by man, but mother nature.

Society will always find ways to push you down all your life, it is up to you if you want to be another sheep in the herd or the tiger hunting it. Everything in life is relative. Remember that.